Flying Colours Gallery, Chelsea
London Art Gallery
Crawfurd Adamson
Jennifer Anderson
Shona Barr
Oona Campbell
John Cunningham RGI
Douglas Davies
Francis Farmar
Catherine Forshall
Colin Fraser
James Fullarton
Claire Harrigan RSW
Pam Hawkes
Albert Irvin RA
Juris Jurjans
Morag Lloyds
Stephen Mangan
Jean Martin RSW
Emerson Mayes
Rory McLauchlan
Robert McPartland
Sandy Murphy RGI RSW
Lin Osborn
Alvaro Petritoli
Tim Pomeroy
James D Robertson RGI RSA RSW
Anthony Scullion RGI
Charles Simpson
Clare Trenchard
Stephanie Tuckwell
Ethel Walker
Peter White
Ingrid Wilkins

Clare Trenchard

If you require further information or wish to purchase one of the works below please contact the gallery.

Four Wolves
bronze 1/7, 81cm x 140cm
Horseman 1
bronze, edition 4/12, 20cm x 30cm
Horseman 2
bronze, edition 5/12, 21cm x 30cm
Lola carrying logs
bronze, edition 3/15, 13cm x 20cm
bronze, edition 6/15, 10cm x 6cm
Sleeping Hare
bronze resin, edition 3/12, 127cm x 63cm
Sunday Papers
bronze resin, edition 2/12, 130cm x 73cm
The Acrobats - Trapeze
bronze, edition 4/12, 28cm x 20cm
The Acrobats – Handstand
bronze, edition 6/12, 36cm x 10cm
The Acrobats – Juggler
bronze, edition 5/12, 38cm x 19cm
The Minstrels
bronze, edn. 5/7, 23cm x 49cm
bronze resin, edition 1/12, 102cm x 107cm
Toby (maquette)
bronze, edition 1/15, 43cm x 41cm
bronze, edition 4/15, 13cm x 20cm
Wolf IV
bronze 1/7, 81cm x 140cm
Wolf l
bronze 1/7, 81cm x 140cm
Wolf ll
bronze 1/7, 81cm x 140cm
Wolf lll
bronze 1/7, 81cm x 140cm
bronze, edition 6/12, 13cm x 81cm
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